A weekend in Lisbon

I need something to look forward to and so upon arriving back from New York, I promptly booked a weekend getaway to Lisbon,Portugal.

An early morning drive to the airport on a Saturday morning (4am and one of the times I’m  glad we have a car.)

The city definitely wasn’t one of my favourites and like my mum says if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all so instead will take leave, using pictures to show my time and I’ll let you make up your own minds instead….






One of the things I do recommend doing in Lisbon is getting a boat across to the Big Jesus Statue. It’s easy to catch and then there’s a bus right up to the top. The views are lovely.






We spent a single night there and to me that was enough. Maybe if we had gone in the peak of summer it would have been more enjoyable.

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