Black Sand and Iceburgs in Iceland

*Warning* This post will be very picture heavy.

Day 3 in Iceland brought a lot of ice…. It also started and finished on a beach.

The black sanded beach of Vik
Next stop was Skaftafell National Park
It was absolutely stunning. The colours were amazing.
I would definitely recommend visiting it.

A big tour bus arrived, and we took it as our cue to move on.

We got back in the car and headed down the road to Jökulsárlón. Batman Begins, James Bond and Tomb Raider all have scenes that were filmed here.

There was just ice for as far as the eyes could see.
Even looking away from the glaciers we were surrounded by hills covered in snow and ice.

Less then a 5minute drive from Jökulsárlón lake  is the beach which is unlike any I had even experienced.

Big ones, small ones…
And the most amazing and vibrant colours
And the most amazing and vibrant colours

I was so glad we went. It was the furthest east we went on the whole trip and it taken taken 2 days but it was incredible, and one of the highlights for me…

 After spending a good while here we decided to start heading back West and towards our hotel for the night. On the way we stopped at Dyrhólaey… a rock that due to the constant coastal beating, has had a hole formed in the middle


We arrived at our hotel, again I’d be a terrible travel blogger since I can’t remember the name, but it did have a spa outside, was near the coast and in the middle of nowhere…

It was so isolated that that night we decided to try and cross another thing off my list and go Northern Light hunting*.

We were unfortunately unsuccessful, It didn’t stop it from being a (cold) but amazing time. I learnt how to do long exposure shots and with the help of the BF and a phone, managed to take a few.

When we finally crawled into bed, cold and tired, it din’t feel like we had failed. The day was amazing and even thought I didn’t get to see the lights, I had had an incredible time.


*We had during the whole time we were there, kept an eye on the forecast for seeing them , That night was also due to be the clearest with the highest chance. 

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