Visiting Lake Como (Bellagio)

I love Italy. I love the food, I love the architecture.  It was one of the countries I first visited when I came over and I always promised myself I would go back and explore. So when the BF started talking about going back for a holiday I was all for it . The question simply was, where?

The answer? Lake Como. More Specifically, Bellagio. Right in the middle of the lake.

After arriving at Milan Airport, it was 2 trains to Como, which were really no hassle (or cost) at all. The boat from Como to Bellagio cost a fair bit more, was hourly and also took another hour on top of that. The views on the way made up for it tho (and we were able to catch some sun while we waited.)

Waiting for the boat in Como.
Waiting for the boat in Como.
The view from the boat

Every town that we passed on the Lake was different, some a lot more run down then others. But on first sight of Bellagio, I was impressed. It looked Gorgeous.

Arriving by boat

We were able to find our hotel easily, even with the many stairs (we saw it from the boat). And I will say that the hotel was the one slightly disappointing thing about this trip. We were told it had a pool. Never once did it mention that it was not on sight, but instead a bus ride away from the hotel. But I digress.

Once checked in we decided to take a wonder around  around Bellagio. Cafes and bars lined the promenade, along with a corner shop that rather then having chocolates, sold jewellery!

So many steps!

Our exploring was cut short by the rain coming down and we quickly retreating into a cafe, coffee for me, beer for the BF.

Even as we walked we could see the rain coming over the hills, but we couldn't out walk it!
Even as we walked we could see the rain coming over the hills, but we couldn’t out walk it!

We didn’t stay out that long, for one thing the night life is pretty non existent. However, the first thing I did discover while in Bellagio, I love Bellinis! (We ended the night with just a few)


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  1. Great pictures, especially the one with the steps!

    1. Thanks so much

  2. danniellek says: Reply

    This is so pretty! Sounds like an adventure just to get there. You’ve got me wanting to go now!

    1. You should. It is so gorgeous there

  3. Looks likes a gorgeous place, the view from the boat is lovely! And, what a sneaky hotel!

    1. I know! I was looking forward to relaxing by a pool for a couple of days, but I guess it meant I needed to get out and explore more

  4. Lake como looks fabulous. It is somewhere I would love to visit!

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