Sun, water and work in Malta

Sun, Water and.. Work?

Well that is what I signed up for when I decided to head to Malta for three weeks over the summer.

When I wasn’t working, I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy warm sea and some amazing views.

I stayed in Exiles Bay, Sliema which was located right by St Julian’s (like around the corner)

Flowers on Exiles Bay waterfront
Walking down the Exiles Bay waterfront
Exiles Bay, Malta with The Carmelite Church, Balluta Bay in the background
Ship dock in Spinola Bay
Spinola Bay, St Julian’s, Malta

St Julian’s is one of the more touristy areas in Malta. Lots of restaurants, and pubs around especially if you happen upon Paceville (which is a 20minute walk from where I was staying) which is a few streets dedicated to pubs, bars and clubs. Alcohol isn’t expensive here so drinking seems to be a favourite past time  of quite a few people and walking around Paceville, you’re more then likely to stumble upon a group of drunk 15 year olds.

Walk for another few minutes and you find St Georges Bay, a very small sandy beach (they are rare here) and every time I walked past was so packed, you couldn’t walk on the beach.


Now if you want more of an old town vibe, head over to Valletta, which is the capital city of Malta. You can either catch a ferry here from Selima Ferry terminals ( I can’t remember the exact cost but I think it might have been around €2) or get a bus from pretty much any where in Malta.

The view of Valletta from Sliema

I’d heard about Valletta before I went to Malta and was looking forward to seeing it for myself. The problem with hearing about somewhere is that often it’s not quite as good as it’s built up to be and although I really enjoyed walking around and exploring it wasn’t one of my favourite places in Malta.

The one attraction I did pay to do in Valletta was the Lascaris War Rooms. It played a major part in protecting Malta when it was heavily bombed during World War Two, and even though we went for the boy (on the weekend he visited) more then for me, I really enjoyed learning about the different ways they organised the small air force they had here.

I think I visited Valletta 3 times while I was in Malta, and each time spent about 4 hours  there.

View from the saluting battery Valletta
Looking towards the three cities from the Saluting Battery
View of St Elmos Fort, Valletta Malta
St Elmos Fort, Valletta

Upper Barrakka Gardens , Valetta, Malta

Exploring Malta

Exploring Gozo, Malta

Exploring Comino, Malta

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    Even though there was a little work involved, the experience is well worth it, and all that lovely sunshine!

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