That time I slept in a pirate ship (a pun filled post)

At least I had a good view from my cabin... Sometime
At least I had a good view from my cabin… Sometime

So just in time for various (long) trips I’ve started getting motion sickness. A week in a boat, coupled with several days of drinking does not make for a happy Jenna. So instead of me talking about how ill I felt over the 8 days we spent sailing in Croatia, I decided to let Ad butcher my blog and lose some followers.

I’ll Mijlet you know later


About half of Mijlet is a national park. After we docked we had short hike over the hill to two salt lakes in the interior of the island. There is a small stretch of land between the lakes with a stream running through it so we set ourselves up there for a swim and some packed lunch. Afterward there was a ferry run by the national park which takes you to a small monastery on an island in the middle of the larger lake. It’s no Lake Bled but pretty nonetheless.

Our plans were changed and rushed because of the weather constantly on this trip. This was seemingly the only time it was justified. We had to make a quick exit from Mijlet (not a very lively place to be stuck for a few nights) and rode the choppy water to the next stop. Whilst Jen was struggling below deck I preferred to stand on the top deck (there was a wheel up there – don’t pretend you wouldn’t want to stand up imagining you were the captain. You would too.)

I Korcula fish

Korcula from afar
This is not edited at all
This is not edited at all
What else do you do after a few cocktails?
What else do you do after a few cocktails?

Marco! Polo! Korcula was the birthplace of Marco Polo which this town makes a big deal of. I wasn’t particular interested in that but the town itself is pretty cool with city walls and cobblestone alleys. We spent the day wandering about town and in the evening I can recommend going to the cocktail bar on top of one of the city towers. After a perilous climb up two ladders, you can enjoy great views and the novelty of expensive cocktails at the top of a centuries old tower. Ps. This is the night Jenna got really drunk and didn’t want to drink the rest of the trip. One and done.

Dont Hvar cow

Couldn't ask for a better place to have a few glasses of wine
Couldn’t ask for a better place to have a few glasses of wine
Look at them run!
Look at them run!
Hvar at night. Taken from the bar
Hvar at night. Taken from the bar

Unfortunately due to the weather we couldn’t dock in Hvar town and instead docked on the other side of the island in a small village. Instead of spending the day visiting Hvar town, we spent the day visiting a local winery (150Kn for 4 glasses of wine and a plate of snacks) I’ve come to enjoy olives after years of trying! but the highlight was drunkenly playing with donkeys. The evening we visited Hvar town, had a drink over looking the square and up at the imposing fortress above town. I vaguely recall the fortress was built to protect against pirates.

We were suppose to make a few more stops, Brac (which thankfully we went to on our own later) and Makarska but as Ad said above, the weather meant a lot of our plans were changed annoyingly. So instead of going to the other places, we spent 3 extra days in Split.  Good old Split.

p.s That’s also #5 ticked off my 30 before I’m 30 list

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  1. Great pictures! Looks like you had a great time!

    1. Thanks. I think Ad might have had a better time then me. I was trying to spend as much time on try land as possible and even then it was still rocking

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Korcula looks lovely. I haven’t visited Croatia yet but it’s on my list 🙂 Danielle x

    frontière girl

    1. You definitely should. And it’s so cheap there as well!

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