That time we spent in paradise aka Brač, Croatia

After what should have only been two days in Split, we had planned to go somewhere a bit quieter, when we could relax and plan the next part of our adventure

Cue Brač, an hour away from Split by ferry (that for both of us cost 56KM or £5.60 one way.) They say first impressions count and sailing into its main port Supetar, I was already impressed. The bus station was easy to find and for 50Kn each for a return ticket we boarded the bus that would take us to the other side of the island.
If I was impressed by Supetar, I was absolutely blown away by Bol.

This is what you see when you get off the bus
This is what you see when you get off the bus

Our host (the apartment was recommended by a friend, but can be found on airbnb) came and met us at the bus station. We mentioned we were off to Bosnia next and during our short walk she mentioned that her Mum was from there but had move to Bol to work. She then mentioned being a child during the war and twice having to go into shelters because the threat of bombs.

The walk to the famous beach in Bol
The walk to the famous beach in Bol

I will be honest here and say the next two days in Bol were pretty much the same, lying on the beach, swimming and trying to convince Ad that I had to have a hat. (You know the one I’m talking about, the Captains hat I got it in the end and if Ad is reading, I love it and will wear it everyday)

This way me view
This was my view

Not that I’m complaining at all. The beach was beautiful and being just out of high season, wasn’t too filled with people.

The weather seemed fitting the morning we left, cold, overcast and spitting. A sign that our belated summer was coming to an end and it was time to move inland… Onto Bosnia and Herzegovina!

I’m tied for my favourite place in Croatia being Dubrovnik or Bol? Do you have a favourite? Maybe somewhere I didn’t get to?

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  1. Sara says: Reply

    This place looks gorgeous!

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