Two days in Mostar

I knew very little of what to expect from Bosnia and Herzegovina before I arrived, but I was glad I decided to go.

Our first stop was Mostar, and after a doing a terrible job of following directions we made it to our hostel with just enough time for a quick night walk before turning in for the night.
Our first full day in Mostar was spent exploring the old town. We started by getting a coffee and tourist watching, Mostar is very popular as a day trip from Croatia and Sarajevo and honestly, you probably could do it in less then a day.

Best place for watching those brave enough to jump from the bridge.

Mostars biggest star is its bridge. It’s not the original of course. That was bombed during the civil war and came down on 9th November 1993. It was reopened in 2004 and can now be found covered in tourists.

Day 2

and our hostel offered a tour to see some of the other sites around the Herzegovina area.

Blagaj Tekija
A Dervish Monastery set into the rock wall near the start of the Buna river.

Blagaj Tekija

An old market town , as soon as you walk in you have women trying to sell you fruit and nuts.


Pocitelj mosque
Close up of the mosque

Kravice Falls
And we got to swim!! It was freezing though.

Kravice falls
And always keep your arse up and you legs near the top. Don’t want to be pulled under

I have no pictures of here since it was a town that have made itself popular because of a sighting of the Virgin Mary

Our final stop was the most poignant of the tour and I’ll go more in depth later but as we sat upon the remains of an army bunker listening to one guys stories of the war, you couldn’t not feel something.



The travel info: From Mostar, we decided to head to Sarajevo. We caught the 7.05am train which, for the first half had amazing views of the river and valleys. It cost about 6€ but I must admit, we traveled on a Sunday morning in off peak season and we were lucky to get seats with a couple of people we met at the hostel.  I’d hate to see how busy the train got during the peak season.

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  1. Such a gorgeous place!

  2. Suzy says: Reply

    Beautiful pictures. I love the 3rd picture (aerial view) and the waterfalls remind me of fairies (don’t know why though).

    1. Give me a place with a waterfall and I’m in love with it already. It’s why I think I liked Slovenia so much

  3. This looks like a really beautiful place!
    I’ve never been and tbh don’t know too much about this area of Europe. I haven’t seen blog posts or such either, so this was a really lovely and refreshing read!

    I love buildings that are set into mountains 🙂

    1. You should come over here. All the Monasteries seem to be set into rock. There’s one in Montenegro aswell. I really loved it because in most places there wasn’t that many tourist around, especially in Bosnia

  4. Wow it looks beautiful!


    1. It really was. Especially at night when there were less people around

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  6. The last time I went to the Balkan it was still one country. I so need to go back again and see what has changed since then.

    1. From what I’ve heard it’s changed for the wide. Lots of people out of jobs ect

  7. Wow, it’s so beautiful over there! Totally jealous of swimming by the waterfall!

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  9. GirlMeetsGlobe says: Reply

    Love that Monastery! Wow!

    1. I think this was the best on we’d been to

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