Miss Sarajevo

“Is there a time for first communion
A time for east 17
Is there a time to turn the mecca
Is there a time to be a beauty queen”

-Miss Sarajevo by U2

Sarajevo Cathedral
Catholic Cathedral

Sarajevo is a city filled with history. From its beginnings as part of the Ottoman Empire, to then becoming a part of Austro-Hungary, which can be seen in its different architecture styles.

Clock tower- set at the wrong time unless you need to know when to pray
Clock tower- set at the wrong time unless you need to know when to pray

It played a major part in the start of World War One, with the assassination of Franz Ferdinand by Serbian Nationalists. During World War Two, it was occupied by Nazis who expelled the Jews, leaving a very small minority in the city even today. After World War Two, it was under the communist rule of Tito and part of Yugoslavia, until 1992 when the siege of Sarajevo begun and continued for 44months.

Sarajevo has establishment from 4 major religions. here's a mosque
Sarajevo has establishment from 4 major religions. here’s a mosque

In 1984,  Sarajevo hosted the Winter Olympics and even now you can visit the locations of some of the events.

Welcome to the bobsled track

The bobsled track was my favourite place we visited in Sarajevo. We took a taxi to the track (32Km or about £15) and once we got there, we were pretty much alone to walk the length of the track at our own pace, stopping to notice graffiti or Sarajevo Roses that were on the track. We walked back into the old town which took us 2 hours (with a lot of dawdling and a snack break.)

bobsled track
We spent 3 nights in Sarajevo which for me, was enough. I would recommend doing a free walking tour, which went a lot more into detail then I did about various places of importance in Sarajevo.

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  1. Looks like a nice city and there must have been so much historical interest – I’ve only done one of these free city tours once, in Slovenia recently and I agree, it was a great way to learn more about the city!

  2. The bob-sleigh track looks so exciting!

  3. Wow, so much history in one place! I can’t actually believe I haven’t been there yet…but you’ve convinced me I need to visit in 2015 🙂

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