Jenna and the Chocolate Factory 

You may not have a golden tickets but here’s an easy way to get into the chocolate factory.

Laima chocolate factory

Up the velvet red stairs. Under the giant bar of dripping melted chocolate (sadly plastic)

Pay for the tickets (€7 but trust me it’s worth it)

Eat all the dark and milk chocolates and biscuits sitting on the counter, and why not put some of the wrapped candy in your bag for later (there’s chocolate wafer bars in there!)

As the woman dressed in a tutu shows you into the first room, pause for a moment to enjoy that smell. What is that delicious aroma you ask? Melted chocolate and you’re about to get a cup full, dark or milk? This is when it’s good to be a couple. Why? Get one of each and share. We were offered another cup but (I’d never thought I’d say this) but it was so rich, one was enough!

Chocolate fountain Laima Chocolate

Chocolate factory riga

Explore the rest of the room finding out how chocolate is produced at Laima factory while deciding how to personalise your free bar of chocolate. Will it be in English or Latvian?

Onto the next room where you get to learn about the history of chocolate and how it’s involved. Where you can get your photo taken and projected onto a clock, a miniature of the Laima clock near Freedom Square. Or where you can record your own video clip.

Laima Clock History of chocolate

Laima Latvia

It may not be the biggest of chocolate factories but walking out those doors to collect our personalised chocolate bars, I felt it was worth the money and the trip. It’s about a 20minute (slow) walk from the old town but if you’re feeling lazy and don’t want to burn off that chocolate you could catch a tram even closer.

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  1. danniellek says: Reply

    I love chocolate tours! I always think its so interesting finding out how my favourite thing ever is produced. Samples don’t hurt.

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