Let’s just pretend its Christmas time all year round in Tallinn, Estonia 

If there was a prize for most quintessential Christmas town, I think Tallinn, Estonia’s old town would win.

Tallinn, Estonia night

The narrow cobble stone streets, lined either side by brick buildings, set the scene for a magical 4 day trip. All that was missing was the snow. Though we stayed outside of the old town, that first entrance, through the imposing city gates left their mark.

Tallinn City Gates

Tallinn did feel rather touristy in the old town at times, with a few streets lined with souvenir stand and shops, but once you got passed them you could see why Tallinn is such a magical place to visit. 

Tallinn Alleyways Tallinn Roads

From the Main Square and it’s town hall,  surrounded by even more amazing looking buildings, to Tallinn’s Parliamentary building watching from above. You can walk through the town and see Fat Margaret (once part of the city walls, now the maritime museum) The old city walls remain giving you an even bigger sense that you could be in a different time or place while here.

Tallinn Harbour Tallinn Paul bird

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral Tallinn At Night in Tallinn munga Kelder

Tallinn was the one country I wanted to go to to visit Christmas Markets. We missed out by a matter of days but were lucky enough to see them erect the Christmas tree in the Main Square.

Tallinn streets Tallinn St Catherines Passage Tallinn Christmas

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  1. Wow what a beautiful town, I can’t wait for the day that I can go travelling

    1. Make sure you do go. It’s so pretty

  2. Love these pictures!!! Isn’t Tallinn the best?! I went there last spring and was blown away by the beauty. Christmas looks like such a magic time though!

  3. Kerri says: Reply

    Oh this looks like a really beautiful town. The side of Europe is definitely somewhere I want to see more of!

  4. Laura says: Reply

    Glad you enjoyed my hometown 🙂 Tallinn in Christmas time is really beautiful, but there´s nothing like long summer nights.

    1. I wish I had seen it in summer. I imagine there would be some amazing walks you could do around.

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