Visiting Myanmar

Bagan Myanmar sunset pagoda

When we started planning for our trip, we didn’t have much of an idea of what we wanted to do except visit Europe. However, when we found out that Ads brother was in Myanmar (Burma) for work, we decided we had to go.

The first thing we had to do was work out how to get there. Easiest for us was to fly in via Bangkok with Airasia. This was one of the easiest parts of planning, with two flights daily from Don Muang airport, we just had to decide what time was easiest for his brother to pick us up. There is also an option to arrive by land, however reading several blogs about this, it seems flying is the much easier option.

FIsherman in Inle lake Myanmar
A fishman in Inle Lake, Myanmar

Obtaining a Visa was our next task. Thank goodness for the internet! Applying online was easy, the only difficulty being trying to get the right sized photo to send with our application. It cost $50US and was current for 90 days after being issued, which took 2 days. Ads got accepted before mine which left the worrying question of if I would be! Once  it had been accepted, it was a simple matter of printing out the visa twice and making sure we had it with us as we breezed past immigration when we landed in Yangon, Myanmar.

Bagan Myanmar sunset pagoda
Watching the sunset over the pagodas in Bagan

Myanmar is definitely somewhere that seems to be opening itself up more to tourists without being over saturated for the most part. There were times when it felt like we were the only non Burmese yet other times (especially in Bagan) where it felt like we could have been in most other South East Asian countries with the amount of tourists around. I would recommend visiting Myanmar before most others click on to what an amazing place it is here.


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    Oh, I’d love to visit Myanmar and your photos make me even more keen. Lovely.

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