On a positive note…

On a positive noteIt started with a decision, no time frame but just a “shall we see what happens”…

I never wanted to put a time on it, mainly because I knew of others who had struggled to conceive, as well as not wanting to put that pressure on myself or my OH. We felt that if we waited till we were ready, it would probably never happen.

However; less than two months later, a late period and feeling “odd,” I decided to take a pregnancy test. Not sure of what the result would be I decided not to tell the OH what I was doing but instead took the test on a Sunday night… The two minute wait was one of the most nerve wrecking two minutes I think I have experienced.

Finally daring to check, instead of finding a cross I saw a single line… negative. If I ever regretted the decision to “not not try” I think I would have felt relief in that moment, instead I felt disappointed and still had a gut feeling that something was up.

I decided to take the test again the next morning (when hCG levels are suppose to be at the highest). The wait was no less nerve wrecking and this time, when I looked at the test, I didn’t see just one line but two.. POSITIVE

Not quite believing it too be true, I went about my day as normal, Said goodbye to the OH and  headed into work. I knew I needed to tell him but how… cue The Warehouse and a $10 t-shirt.

That evening when he arrived home I told him I had a surprise for him… “You’re pregnant aren’t you?” … “Umm way to ruin the surprise.”




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  1. Oh jeez! I hate when people ruin the joke before the punchline. In your case, this isn’t a joke but still! Not cool that he guessed it! 🙁

    Congratulations though!

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